RH-72 and Del PE-2600

bscott@ntisys.com bscott at ntisys.com
Mon Dec 16 22:31:00 CST 2002

On Mon, 16 Dec 2002, at 2:27pm, Thanh.Ma at ge.com wrote:
> It looks like we need a driver disk to get RH-7.2 installed on a 2600.
> Anyone knows if we can create a 'driver CD-ROM' instead and how ?

  Why?  Is this a system with only one CD-ROM drive and no floppy?  If so,
you will not be able to eject the install CD to insert the "driver CD"  
anyway.  You could, in theory, update the drivers on the CD, but it would
involve rebuilding several parts of the Red Hat distribution (kernels,
modules, boot images, device info, CD...), which I imagine isn't fun.

  If that isn't what you're talking about... what are you talking about?  

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