Driver for Adaptec 39160 not autoloading

Karl Zander KZander at
Sat Dec 14 15:37:01 CST 2002

PE 1650.  RedHat 7.3.  2.4.18-10 kernel.
PERC 3/di with 3 36 GB drives in RAID 5

Added an Adaptec 39160 for a PowerVault 122T tape backup/autoloader

kuzdu auto-detected the new 39160 and added

alias scsi_hostadapter1  aic7xxx
alias scsi_hostadapter2  aic7xxx

to /etc/modules.conf

But aic7xxx does not load.  lsmod does not show it and I can not 
communication with the PV 122T. No obvious error messages.

I can use "insmod aic7xxx" and the modules will load and I can communicate 
with the PV 122T.  Of course I would like it to start at boot up.

What am I missing?


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