PE2650 BIOS Revision A04, shutdown -r -y now, box hung? won't reboot.

Ben Russo ben at
Thu Dec 12 17:48:01 CST 2002

On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 18:31, Steve_Boley at wrote:
> Reseat the memory and pci riser and it should clear the problem up.
> Steve
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> Subject: PE2650 BIOS Revision A04, shutdown -r -y now, box hung? won't
> reboot.
> Help  :-}
> I have a Dell PE2650 Bios Revision A04,
> The box is running RedHat linux 7.2
> ALL the latest errata from RedHat have been installed recently.
> I wanted to upgrade to the newest kernel.
> shutdown -r -y now
> Many minutes go by, machine never comes back.
> I go to Computer Room and the box is sitting at the boot splash
> screen with the DELL logo, and the BIOS Revision A04 and a little
> white progress bar that has made it about 20% across and is just sitting
> there.
> All lights are blue.
> Never had a problem.
> Waited a little while to see if it would go, but it never did.
> So I powered off the box with the button on the front, counted to 10,
> and powered it back on.
> Same thing happened.
> Then I powered it off and unplugged it, waited 10 seconds, plugged
> it back in, waited till the blue diag lights came on and went off again,
> and then powered it on, same thing....
> The progress bar makes it to just under the "o" in the Bios screen
> if that helps...
> This is odd???

Problem solved, by reseating the KEYBOARD cables!!!
Imagine that....  Sorry for the false alarm.

Thanks for the quick response Steve!


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