PE2650 BIOS Revision A04, shutdown -r -y now, box hung? won't reboot. Steve_Boley at
Thu Dec 12 17:32:00 CST 2002

Reseat the memory and pci riser and it should clear the problem up.

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Help  :-}

I have a Dell PE2650 Bios Revision A04,
The box is running RedHat linux 7.2
ALL the latest errata from RedHat have been installed recently.

I wanted to upgrade to the newest kernel.
shutdown -r -y now

Many minutes go by, machine never comes back.
I go to Computer Room and the box is sitting at the boot splash
screen with the DELL logo, and the BIOS Revision A04 and a little
white progress bar that has made it about 20% across and is just sitting

All lights are blue.
Never had a problem.

Waited a little while to see if it would go, but it never did.
So I powered off the box with the button on the front, counted to 10,
and powered it back on.

Same thing happened.

Then I powered it off and unplugged it, waited 10 seconds, plugged
it back in, waited till the blue diag lights came on and went off again,
and then powered it on, same thing....

The progress bar makes it to just under the "o" in the Bios screen
if that helps...

This is odd???

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