PowerChute Plus for RedHAT

Matt_Domsch@Dell.com Matt_Domsch at Dell.com
Thu Dec 12 13:12:01 CST 2002

> The CD I have that came with the UPS'es only supports RedHAT 
> 6.2 and I do not want to use that.

You can use the compat-glibc* libraries included in 7.x which give you the
6.x libraries, then the older PowerChute software works fine (at least I've
done this on my PE2400 at home and it worked fine).  One annoying thing
though, the PowerChute software requires open-to-the-world network ports (it
doesn't let you specify IP addresses to listen on, nor can you use ipchains
to block access or it won't work).  For this reason I wouldn't run the
software on my external firewall...


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