Any known issues regarding PE2650 + RH8.0?

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Wed Dec 11 07:07:00 CST 2002

There are known issues with the tg3 (Tigon3/Broadcom NIC) module in the
stock Red Hat 2.4.18* kernels (as of today - they may release a fixed
kernel after some future date).

Use the bcm5700 NIC module or download and compile vanilla 2.4.20 and
use the updated tg3 module, or grab one of the UNOFFICIAL kernel RPMS
provided by Jeff Garzik with a patched tg3 module.

To use the bcm5700 module:

1. Change 'alias ethX tg3' to 'alias ethX bcm5700' in /etc/modules.conf
2. At the console (not remotely) run 'service network stop'
3. rmmod tg3
4. service network start

To use 2.4.20, download from your favorite mirror and config
and compile.  To use the __UNOFFICIAL__ (i.e. not supported by Red Hat
or Dell, but known to work and be stable) kernel RPMS, head to

Hope this helps,

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Are there any known issues regarding PowerEdge 2650 under Red Hat 8.0
(RH officially patched kernel)?  It keeps locking up solid every now
and then every couple days, leaving it without even a working SysRq.
The box is under extremelly light cpu and i/o load. 

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