Three PCI's and no power-on on a 2650?

Hubbard, David dhubbard at
Tue Dec 10 17:09:01 CST 2002

Hi everyone, I'm building linux firewalls out of two 2650's
and when loaded with three PCI-X Intel Pro/1000MT
dual-port network cards, the machine refuses to power on.
It does not appear to be an interrupt issue because I
only bought a five pack of these intel cards so on the
second 2650 I had to use an older Intel Pro/100+ dual
port card (32-bit pci) and that machine boots, even
with all internal equipment enabled so numerous interrupts
are consumed and shared.  Swapping that card into this
machine makes it boot.

Has anyone had a similar experience, or have you loaded
three pci-x cards into a 2650?  Dell engineers, I am
running the latest bios on both of these.  I have an
open ticket with support but they're kind of stumped and
told me they'd have to call me back tomorrow so of course
I thought maybe I could find an answer tonight. :-)



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