Speaking of stripe sizes

CBeck@coradiant.com CBeck at coradiant.com
Mon Dec 9 13:19:00 CST 2002

Quick survey:
What stripe sizes do people here use for databases with a mix of large
(1GB+), medium (1MB+) and small (10k+) tables that write to the file system
and not a raw partition?
Which file system (Reiser vs Ext3 vs JFS vs XFS with/without LVM blah blah
Which control system?  (Software RAID vs onboard vs attached vs SAN vs &c.)
Which distro?
Which DB?

Credit Card numbers?  ATM PINs?  (Hey, can't hurt right?)

Need to make some purchasing decisions in the near future and I want to see
what people are happy with.  I expect it's all over the map but something
unexpected might turn up.

PPS ... anyone with beta experience on the blade servers is very welcome to
chime in with their experience as well.
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