Remote upgrade of firmware, BIOS, etc.

Les Niles lniles at
Mon Dec 9 10:42:00 CST 2002

Is there any way to remotely upgrade the BIOS and/or firmware on
a PE6450 running linux, without a DRAC card?  (For that matter, 
can it be done with a DRAC card?)  These boxes are running RH7.2 
and OMSA v3.0.

As far as I can tell from the documentation and from talking to 
Dell support, the answer is no.  But maybe there's some way to 
put the necessary boot image on the utility partition and do some 
magic to arrange for a one-time boot.  If anyone has either done 
this, or knows that it can't be done, it would save me some time.  

BTW, this lack of support for remote BIOS/firmware upgrades is 
a serious hole in the linux support, particularly since about the 
first recommendation upon encountering any serious software problem 
is to upgrade kernel, firmware, and BIOS.  It makes it very hard to 
maintain these servers in a lights-out environment.  

  -les  lniles at

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