FW: RH72/bcm5820/kernel-2.4.18-18.7.x

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Didn't make it the first time....trying one more time.
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> 1. What is bcm5820 for ? or can I safely remove it ?
The bcm5820 is the Broadcom SSL card (chipset 5820) driver. An SSL card is
used most commonly in web servers as an add-in PCI card these days where the
handshake, encryption/decryption all happens at the hardware level on this
card thus freeing up your CPU to do other things. If you don't know what it
is, chances are you do not have the card installed and are not using it and
you can get rid of the driver for now. Issuing an lsmod command will tell
you if that driver is loaded and being used.

> 2. If not, where can I get a newer bcm to go with this kernel ?
Look at either Broadcom's or Red Hat's website for the latest bcm5820 driver

> Running rpm -Uvh kernel* displayed the below message:
My 0.02 cents: *Never* use the -U switch while installing kernel rpm's. Use
the -i switch instead. Test the kernel out and when satisfied you can get
rid of the older kernel. This way you always have the older kerenel if the
new one turns out to be flaky while testing it.

- Amit B

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