PowerEdge 1650 with 220S Config advice.

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Sat Dec 7 19:11:00 CST 2002

On Sat, 7 Dec 2002 devnull at adc.idt.com wrote:

> I just recently purchased a Poweredge 1650 dual Proc with 2 * 18G drives,
> PERC 3/Di 2G RAM.

that's my dream machine at the moment.  i'd love to have the $$ to replace
all our 2450s with 1650s.

> * Journal location - Do you think there will be a performace gain by
>   putting ALL the journals on the internal disks instead of the
>   powervault. Help on doing this will be appreciated.

there might be, but i don't think it would have a significant impact.

> * Stripe size for RAID 5. Our environment will mostly have "small" files

you could pick a middle of the road chunk size.  i think 128 is normally the
biggest.  how "small" are your files  ? < 1M ?   you might want to pick
64 or even 32.

> * Should the powervault be split into 2 RAID 5's with 1 GLOBAL hot spare ?

you will lose some disk space doing this, but it offers you one positive
in that if you lose a disk in a smaller raid5, it will rebuild faster
and operate faster as it has less drives it has to read parity data off
to reconstruct the data.  if you are connecting each raid5 into a separate
scsi port (split bus?) you are also maximising the scsi bandwidth available
to each lun.  i am not sure if a global hot spare can traverse buses though.

> Are all problems with the PERC 3/Di and journalling FS been resolved ?
> (something that happened a year back i guess)
> Is it safe to use a journalling fs ?

i am not aware of any problems (do you have a pointer?) i've been using
the perc3/si with a journalling filesystem for more than a year and
it has worked well.  ext3 has been very stable - just run a reasonably
new kernel, e.g redhat 7.3 + 2.4.18-18.7.x seems to work well.



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