PowerEdge 1650 with 220S Config advice.

devnull@adc.idt.com devnull at adc.idt.com
Sat Dec 7 18:40:00 CST 2002

Hi All,

I just recently purchased a Poweredge 1650 dual Proc with 2 * 18G drives,

I have a PERC 3/DC to which i have connected a Powervault 220S which has
14 36 drives.

I plan to

* Install RH 7.3 on this machine and use EXT3.

* Mirror the internal drives and put only the OS on there.

* Set a Hot spare on the Powervault and use the other 13 drives in ONE
  RAID 5 configuration, and maybe make 1 300G partition and 2 50G
  partition(this i am not still sure about)

Your input on the following will be much appreciated.

* Journal location - Do you think there will be a performace gain by
  putting ALL the journals on the internal disks instead of the
  powervault. Help on doing this will be appreciated.

* Stripe size for RAID 5. Our environment will mostly have "small" files

* Should the powervault be split into 2 RAID 5's with 1 GLOBAL hot spare ?

Are all problems with the PERC 3/Di and journalling FS been resolved ?
(something that happened a year back i guess)
Is it safe to use a journalling fs ?

Any other gotchas that i should watch out for...

Thanks for your invaluable input.

devnull at adc.idt.com

P.S: Matt, many thanks for setting up this mailing-list and domsh.com.
More vendors should take this initiative.
Come to think of it, its only in their interest.

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