redhat 8.0 install problems, poweredge 2300

Jima jima at
Sat Dec 7 13:30:00 CST 2002

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 Jeremy_Sheard at wrote:
> > Yes, you will have to extract this file on a Windows machine :(   You will
> > only need floppy for the firmware.  After upgrading the F/W to v3.13, just
> I haven't done that exact file, but many times "unzip"
> on linux will in fact extract the files correctly from the exe.

 Now *that's* a novel idea.  Makes enough sense; after the executable 
portion, it's not unlikely there's a zip-formatted archive in the file.  
As long as unzip ignores the executable, that ought to work.  Or so I 
 I've had surprising luck extracting executable archives with Wine.  Like 
Joshua, I'm not sure about that particular file.
 Between that and keeping a DOS boot floppy image around, I've definitely 
reduced the number of times I've had to borrow a Windows box.


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