redhat 8.0 install problems, poweredge 2300 Jeremy_Sheard at
Thu Dec 5 23:25:00 CST 2002

What RAID Controller do you have in your server?  i.e. PERC2/SC, PERC2/DC,
If you have a PERC2/SC and you are NOT at Firmware v3.13, that is your
problem.  You have to be at fw 3.13 before any version of RH Linux can be
installed.  To download this firmware, go out to our ftp. <>  and the
filename for F/W v3.13 is:  p2sc313.exe.  If this is not the case, then I
would recommend you go into the BIOS of the Raid controller and do an
"Initialize" and then attempt the RH 8.0 Install.
Let us know if one or both recommendations fixed it.
Thank You,
Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support
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I am having problems installing redhat 8.0 on my poweredge 2300.  I have a
2300, 500 mhz plll, 128 meg of ram, scsi, raid 5... I put the install disk
in the cdrom, follow prompts, then the install hangs, says it can't find any
drives.  I know the drives are up and working cause I am trying to blow
windows away, which did see them fine.  What gives?
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