open files & stack size

Jay Christopherson JChristopherson at
Thu Dec 5 19:16:00 CST 2002

Hey All-

I have a 2550 that is running 7.2, but with a 2.4.18-5 kernel.

One of our apps (vendor provided, not custom) is pretty flaky and our vendor
is telling us that we need to set out file descriptor limits (open files)
and stack size to unlimited.
Currently, they are set to 1024, and 8192, as reported by ulimit -a.

This makes me vaguely uneasy, although I cannot articulate why.  Somewhere
in the back of my mind, it is setting off an alarm, but I cannot recall the
specifics of why
this should alarm me.

I have done some searching on Google and found some references, buyt nothing
that specifically states that setting these values to unlimited is bad.
I should mention that this system has NO users, only this app that runs with
about 50 processes or so.

I know this is thinly related to poweredge and dell, but you go where the
best info is..  ;-)

Anyone some good "yea" or "nay" arguments?


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