PERC3 performance issues

jason andrade jason at
Thu Dec 5 15:24:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Alexander Lazarevich wrote:

> > o multiple perc3/qcs with multiple disk sets with a virtualization layer over
> >   the top
> i understand every except, what do you mean by vitualization layer?

LVM (preferably LVM2).  So you have various LUNs which the OS sees on each
controller and you then add the various extents into a single volumegroup
which spans multiple controllers..  you can even do software raid0 across
various hardware raid luns as an alternative to lvm.

> > o software raid, which would easily give you this on your config above
> hmm, just can't do it. we need the system resources for other things. we
> need a controller to do all the RAID.

that is fair enough and it is the classical tradeoff for software raid.

> > o a third party raid controller using the newer intel 30303 engine - read the
> >   past threads of this list, a good summary of cards was posted.
> this totally sounds like what we need! but i can't find those threads. can
> you give me a date/title of the first thread? or can you suggest a
> good card again?

off the top of my head, the two cards mentioned are a new Mylex and LSI.  perhaps
you can just check their web sites out.  you want to avoid i960 based cards (since
that, presumably is what is in the perc3 range now).

searching in the mbox, it was a good post by:

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