PERC3 performance issues

Alexander Lazarevich alazarev at
Thu Dec 5 12:07:00 CST 2002


thanks for your response, its helped a lot!

i got a couple of questions though:

> if so, you have a number of alternatives
> o multiple perc3/qcs with multiple disk sets with a virtualization layer over
>   the top

i understand every except, what do you mean by vitualization layer?

> o software raid, which would easily give you this on your config above

hmm, just can't do it. we need the system resources for other things. we
need a controller to do all the RAID.

> o a third party raid controller using the newer intel 30303 engine - read the
>   past threads of this list, a good summary of cards was posted.

this totally sounds like what we need! but i can't find those threads. can
you give me a date/title of the first thread? or can you suggest a
good card again?

thanks jason,

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