PowerEdge backup solution

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Thu Dec 5 11:16:00 CST 2002

In article <Pine.LNX.4.50.0212051616570.1630-100000 at kiwi.doc.ic.ac.uk>, Philip Rowlands wrote:
> Even if you don't want to consider incrementals, buy a 70GB disk, put it
> in another machine, do daily rsyncs, and you've got 100 backup "slots",
> which can give years of online archives if you use them wisely. Take a
> tape/CD/DVD copy once a month for long term archives. Don't forget to
> try regular restores :)

Better yet is rdiff-backup: http://rdiff-backup.stanford.edu/

It uses the base rsync algorithm, but stores changes from one day to the
next in binary deltas (computed with that rsync algorithm), so you can have
incremental backups that actually end up using less space than incrementals
in traditional systems would -- since it doesn't even store whole files than
changed, just what changed in them.

-- John

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