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Thu Dec 5 10:31:00 CST 2002

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, at 3:44pm, aderuwe at aqs-carcontrol.be wrote:
> I estimate daily backups to be around 700megs ... ... Having no experience
> with handling large backups ...

  Heh.  700 megabytes is *tiny*.  One of our customer's weekly full backup
consumes over 200 gigabytes, and they're a *small* company.  :-)

> ... what is the best choice, hardware-wise to buy?

  "Best" is subjective.  For a small setup like that, I would recommend a
DDS-4 tape drive.  They are fast, solid, and not too expensive.

  If your budget is really tight, you could get away with Travan.  Travan
drives are a lot cheaper.  Tapes cost a lot more, though, so you start to
lose if you buy a lot of tapes.  Travan is rather slow, especially on reads.  
In my experience, Travan has more reliability problems than other formats.

> Our system runs RH Linux 7.1 4.2.2-2smp, so the device would have to be
> supported by linux.

  4.2.2, eh?  Neat.  ;-)  Do you mean 2.4.2?  If so, you really need to
update your kernel.  The early 2.4.x kernels had some rather serious
stability problems.  If you haven't installed any other Red Hat Errata
fixes, do that, too.

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