PowerEdge backup solution

Alexander Deruwe aderuwe at aqs-carcontrol.be
Thu Dec 5 10:05:01 CST 2002

Hey all,

We've been running our PE 2500SC for over a year now, and until now we
have always been satisfied with 'copy to local harddrive; write to
cd'-type backups (yeah yeah, I know ;). By now however, the amount of
data to backup has just grown too large to handle this way.
I estimate daily backups to be around 700megs (this are full backups,
not incremental; I guess I should look into that).

Having no experience with handling large backups, what is the best
choice, hardware-wise to buy? I haven't even been able to make the
tape versus cdrw choice...
Our system runs RH Linux 7.1 4.2.2-2smp, so the device would have to 
be supported by linux.


(Please CC me in replies so they don't get lost)

Alexander Deruwe

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