2400 RAID5 Problem Part 2

Shawn Neumann shawn at domain7.com
Wed Dec 4 21:43:00 CST 2002

Thanks for the assistance on my post yesterday!  It was very helpful (I 
already passed that along to Matt).

With Dell's 4 hour service they had a new drive out for us today and we 
replaced the dead drive - a very nice response.  They sent an 18 Gig 
drive even though the RAID is 8.47 Gig drives x 5.  We put in the new 
drive and are unclear as to proceeding - the tech person that came with 
the drive indicated it should rebuild on it's own.  The Dell support 
person gave us some afacli commands to (run although he seemed new and 
not to confident on how to proceed).  It has been about 5 hours since 
the drive was replaced and I don't see much evidence of any process of 

Just wondering if anyone has pointers on proceeding from this point 
forward?  The following is the current state of the controller and the 
disk list:

AFA0> container list
Executing: container list
Num          Total  Oth Chunk          Scsi   Partition
Label Type   Size   Ctr Size   Usage   B:ID:L Offset:Size
----- ------ ------ --- ------ ------- ------ -------------
 0    RAID-5 33.8GB       32KB Open    0:00:0 64.0KB:8.47GB
 /dev/sda             MAIN             0:01:0 64.0KB:8.47GB
                                       0:02:0 64.0KB:8.47GB
                                         --- Missing ---
                                       0:04:0 64.0KB:8.47GB

AFA0> disk list
Executing: disk list

B:ID:L  Device Type     Blocks    Bytes/Block Usage            Shared Rate
------  --------------  --------- ----------- ---------------- ------ ----
0:00:0   Disk            17783239  512         Initialized      NO     80
0:01:0   Disk            17783239  512         Initialized      NO     80
0:02:0   Disk            17783239  512         Initialized      NO     80
0:03:0   Disk            0         0           Offline          NO     0
0:04:0   Disk            17783239  512         Initialized      NO     80

Cheers & thanks!

Matt_Domsch at dell.com wrote:

>>Either way, though, my question to Shawn is, what does /dev/afa0 look 
>>like?  Mine, on a PE2400 with RedHat 6.2 (2.2.14-5.0smp):
>>crw-------    1 root     root     254,   0 Apr 11  2002 /dev/afa0
>The exact devnode (in this case char major 254) will vary, as it's
>dynamically assigned by the kernel, thus based on module load order and what
>else requested a dynamic devnode.  The afacli script (which calls afacli.bin
>later) first sets up /dev/afa0 based on what's found in /proc/devices.  If
>you think the node is wrong, delete it and afacli *should* recreate it
>properly, else run /dev/MAKEDEV.afa to create it.
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