BB with OpenManage?

jason andrade jason at
Wed Dec 4 18:54:00 CST 2002

On 4 Dec 2002, Brian J. Smith-Sweeney wrote:

> In any case, now that I've got the OpenManage stuff running I'm thinking
> of trying to integrate it into our Big Brother monitor.  Anyone done
> anything like this already?  I haven't seen anything in the
> linux-poweredge archives, bb archives, or on  If anyone
> has, I'd appreciate any input.  I can't imagine it'll be too difficult
> but I don't want to waste time if there's already something out there.

we have thought about it but haven't done it yet.  since bb4 is basically
a collection of shell scripts, we were going to use the OMSA on each
machine and write a script to parse omreport <some subsystem> <somequery>
and return appropriate values.

similarly (with lack of time.. sigh) we wanted to do something to pull
temperatures/voltages and other useful info out using omreport to throw into
cricket/mrtg as a secondary layer behind bb4 so we could get nice visual
graphs over time to try and help with debugging/spotting anomalous (sp?)

if you search the lists (and recently) there has been some contrib
scripts (checked for pulling monitoring stuff out
of afacli.



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