Feasability of VERY large ext3 file system?

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Wed Dec 4 15:59:01 CST 2002

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Ed Griffin wrote:

> can the filesystem options you mentioned (rw,data=writeback) be used for
> these???  From what I remember when setting these systems up, I didn't
> change any parameters of the RAID controllers themselves, but I do remember
> something about a writeback option.  Should I have???

someone correct me if i'm wrong please, but i thought the above is changing
the way the journal works so you are increasing your risk in the event of
unexpected power outage (unlikely i know nowadays with dual power supplies
into different UPSes on different circuits..).  personally with the large
filesystems i am more cautious/conservative than normal because of the
much larger data set that can be lost now (and the time to recover from said)

> Both systems have been very stable, but a 30% performance increase in disk
> access would be nice... :)

i think that might be "upto 30%" and probably for some bursts, but it is not
a flat 30% increase on the baseline performance you are getting.



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