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On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, at 6:46pm, vossenjp at wrote:
> Not sure if this will help, but it's been my experience that you can plug
> and unplug keyboards at will from Linux boxes and it just works (unlike
> DOS/Windows).

  You can generally hotplug keyboards and things "should" reset.  You lose
the typematic (auto-repeat) settings, but otherwise, you will be okay.  
This works on DOS, MS-Windows, Linux, NetWare, and even before the OS is

  PS/2 mice need to have their controller reset after a hotplug.  On Linux,
restarting the X server will do this.  With most other PC OSes, you need to

  However, keep in mind that the PS/2 keyboard/mouse controller was never
designed to be hotplugged.  Doing so can damage it.It is rather rare -- I
think I've had it happen maybe three times in ten years -- but it can
happen.  Since you have to replace the whole motherboard if it does happen,
you may want to avoid doing so anyway.

  As far as Belkin KVM switches go: We have generally found them to be quite
quirky.  They do things like what the OP describes a lot.  However, they are
very inexpensive, so we continue to use them for many customers.

  Some of the newer ones have upgradeable firmware.  That might be worth

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