Feasability of VERY large ext3 file system?

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Wed Dec 4 09:48:00 CST 2002

>> > * The data stored would be organised in a directory hierarchy only one 
>> level
>> > deep. How would ext3 cope with, say, 4000-5000 directories off the file
>> > system's root?
>>no issues with that.

>It works but an indexed tree is faster. I am not sure if ext3 does this but

>I do remember patches for ext2 to make lookups in large directories faster.

>You might want this.

You also get much better performance if you change the mounting options in
fstab from defaults to rw,data=writeback to the tune of up to 30% better
performance on the filesystem and still have the journalling capabilities
still there.  Make sure you don't do this to the / partition, as the init
scripts that run in nash have problems when it goes to run script to remount
it read/write as I've personally found out ;).

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