Feasability of VERY large ext3 file system?

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at kodakweddings.com
Wed Dec 4 06:06:00 CST 2002

Hi all,

I am soon considering setting up an external RAID array to be attached to
one of my PowerEdge servers. The RAID array is an external one with it's own
hardware RAID controller, attached via U160 SCSI. It is likely that this
array will be at least 1.4 terabytes, possibly up to 2.2 terabytes. I plan
to run Redhat 8.0 on this server.

I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone might have some answers for:

* Would a single multi-TB file system using ext3 be pushing things a bit?

* The data stored would be organised in a directory hierarchy only one level
deep. How would ext3 cope with, say, 4000-5000 directories off the file
system's root?

* How much space is lost due to journaling? Basically, given a gigabyte of
disk, what is the available formatted space?

If anyone could offer some advice, anecdotes, etc. on running *large* file
systems using ext3, I would be most grateful.


Basil Hussain
Internet Developer, Kodak Weddings
E-Mail: basil.hussain at kodakweddings.com

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