2400 RAID5 Problems

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Wed Dec 4 02:18:00 CST 2002

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Shawn Neumann wrote:

> would like any advice available.  First is an apparent drive failure and
> secondly, our inability to access the afa0 controller.
> We have a 5 disk RAID5 array and recently (as the log exerpts bellow
> show), it appears that our 3rd drive failed.

yep, i'd say you had a drive failure.  lodged a hardware call and got
dell to replace the disk ?

> So now, the monday after the notification, we attempt to open afacli to
> examine the RAID. When running the "open afa0" command, we get one of
> the following 2 errors:
> /The driver could not execute the requested IOCTL SENDFIB,
> 25=Inappropriate ioctl for device. /

the driver can get into a state where this happens.  i've tried various
things to get around it with no success.  a reboot, or sometimes a
power cycle fixed the inability to use afacli.

> attempts.  My question is if anyone is familiar with this series of
> events?  If so, what is the suggested course of action?  We can easily
> replace the failed 3rd drive, however I not sure if the RAID will be
> able to be rebuilt once we have done this since we cannot access afacli.

it _should_ automatically rebuild, even if you can't enter afacli.

> You thoughts are greatly appreciated!

replace the drive.  wait for a short while.  then reboot the box (note,
not power cycle, just try a reboot.  if this fixes it, great.  if it
doesn't, you might want to wait for the rebuild to finish (which could
take from 2-X hours depending on capacity of disks and load), and then
power cycle the machine.

alternatively, a (possibly riskier) approach is to reboot/power cycle
the box (as needed) and then replace the disk.  this allows you to
use afacli to verify the rebuild operation.



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