Magic SysRq (was RE: The system takes over)

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at
Tue Dec 3 21:07:01 CST 2002

try <Ctrl>-q to turn off scroll-lock on a console.

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Seth Mos wrote:

> At 17:24 3-12-2002 +0000, Basil Hussain wrote:
> >The advice given was to check if you can change the hot key on the KVM.
> >Alternatively, buy another KVM... We have a Belkin model that uses the
> >scroll lock key to access the OSD. No-one ever uses scroll lock, right? :-)
> Right. If the Scroll lock is on when you last switched console, you can't
> reboot/halt the server remotely. It it still waiting on the console for
> someone to press scroll lock to switch it off.
> This is very annoying since I still need to walk to the serverroom to press
> the stupid key to make it continue the reboot process. If the server is in
> a rack a 1 hour drive it away it is even more then annoying.
> Cheers
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