FW: Adding alert actions more easily in DOMSA HTML GUI?

Joshua_Giles@Dell.com Joshua_Giles at Dell.com
Tue Dec 3 17:28:01 CST 2002


Use the OMSA cli, specifically the 'omconfig' command.  To config a absolute
path for executable application for the voltage warning event(for example)
do a:
`omconfig system alertaction event=voltwarn execapppath=<path_to_exec>`
Remeber you can bring up parameter choices from the cli by typing the '-?'
after the command.  Ex:
`omconfig system alertaction -?`
This should bring up a list of valid params.


Joshua Giles

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Subject: Adding alert actions more easily in DOMSA HTML GUI?

Here: DOMSA HTML GUI-->Properties tab-->Alert Actions-->Event/Execute

Is there a way to add "alert actions" via a simple command-line, like
possibly a simple edit of a text file (need this for both Linux and

I have an application I'd like to execute (with special arguments) for all
the occurences of things like when DOMSA determines a fan or power problem,
for example.

Instead of doing the changes on the DOMSA HMTL GUI, I'd like to know if
there is another way.  I only have 10 servers today, but will be getting 30
more within a few months...


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