PE350 and KVM switch

Tom Lesniak TLesniak at
Tue Dec 3 15:09:01 CST 2002

** General Hardware question, not linux specific **

I have several PE350's that I am hooking into a Belkin KVM switch (model

I am running into an issue that if I reboot any of the PE350's and they are
not currently the "active" (i.e. currently controlling the monitor and
keyboard) system on the KVM  the system does not start it's booting

Has anyone seen anything like this?? is there any workaround??

I've done some testing and if the system is the "active" system, it boots
correctly.  If it is not the active system it will not boot.  I also tried
hooking up a to the monitor directly so I could see where the problem lies.
When it is hooked up directly to the monitor but still using the KVM for
it's keyboard, and it is not the "active" system, it will not boot.

It seems like this system tries to probe the keyboard and if it does not
find it, it stops booting.  When it hangs the only thing on the screen is

"ATI Rage SDRAM Bios  P/N 113-72301-101  4.330"

at this point, if i press a key, the system will continue to boot however
it locks out the keyboard so you can not log in at the terminal.

Any ideas??

I use this exact KVM switch with PE1650's, 2500's, 2600's and 2650's and
have never run into any problems.

     - Tom

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