scsi0/scsi1 woes

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Tue Dec 3 14:07:01 CST 2002

Steve_Boley at wrote:

>What's on the aic7xxx?  That shouldn't matter at all what comes up as what
Just one internal DAT drive.

>if it doesn't have any hard drives on it.  Check and make sure that you
It does not.

>compiled the kernel with ext3 support as module and you did you initrd
Ok. It was compiled in. Making it a module and learning how to make an 

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>Subject: scsi0/scsi1 woes
>Hi there.
>I boot kernel that was part of RedHat update to 7.3
>and AIC7XXX comes up as scsi0 and PERCRAID mirror comes up on scsi1.
>I'm trying to boot the 2.4.18 that I compiled from sources and
>PERCRAID comes up on scsi0. AIC7XXX comes up on scsi1. Subsequently
>the system can not mount root dir as readable/writable and hangs on
>and attempt to write into /var/log/
>Any ideas on how I could deal with this?
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