Magic SysRq (was RE: The system takes over)

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This came up not so long ago. You can view the thread (albeit short) at:

The advice given was to check if you can change the hot key on the KVM.
Alternatively, buy another KVM... We have a Belkin model that uses the
scroll lock key to access the OSD. No-one ever uses scroll lock, right? :-)


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> Speaking of Magic SysRq key sequences, does anyone know how to use them
> with servers connected to a Dell KVM switch?
> According to the manual for the KVM, if you want to do a print screen
> you hit the Print Screen button like 3 or 4 times and then that works.
> Well I think when pressing the Alt key after the third Print Screen
> depress, it resets the KVM buffer and the SysRq sequence doesn't work.
> If anyone could provide information on how to pull this sequence off, it
> would be much appreciated.
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