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The linux driver does not support the safety enclosure part of the adaptec
controller features.  You need to redefine your email alerts and get rid of
any of the safety enclosure parts which actually is monitoring of the

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Hello, I'm new to this list. I think this is the appropriate place to ask
this question, if 
not, please let me know, and, if possible, point me to where is the correct

We have a PowerEdge 2450. We just replace the SCSI card with an Adaptec
We have 5 HDDs. 4 73 GB drived RAIDed together, and the fifth, a 36 GB
outside the RAID setup.

We were doing some serious stress-testing on the system, and most of it was
drive intensive. We ended up getting over 200 emails to root similar to:

SAF-TE component malfunction , Temperature Out Of Range at Tue Nov 26 
05:51:14 2002.
SAF-TE component Opreational again , Temperature Out Of Range at Tue 
Nov 26 05:51:16 2002.
I'm trying to find out:

 a)  if this is normal,
 b) what the temperature range is,
 c) if it is possible to change the temperature range,
 d) If changeable, how do I determine a good setting for our environment.


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