SAF-TE temperature out of range brian.tkatch at
Mon Dec 2 15:48:00 CST 2002

Hello, I'm new to this list. I think this is the appropriate place to ask this question, if 
not, please let me know, and, if possible, point me to where is the correct place.

We have a PowerEdge 2450. We just replace the SCSI card with an Adaptec 3210s. 
We have 5 HDDs. 4 73 GB drived RAIDed together, and the fifth, a 36 GB drive, 
outside the RAID setup.

We were doing some serious stress-testing on the system, and most of it was hard 
drive intensive. We ended up getting over 200 emails to root similar to:

SAF-TE component malfunction , Temperature Out Of Range at Tue Nov 26 
05:51:14 2002.
SAF-TE component Opreational again , Temperature Out Of Range at Tue 
Nov 26 05:51:16 2002.
I'm trying to find out:

 a)  if this is normal,
 b) what the temperature range is,
 c) if it is possible to change the temperature range,
 d) If changeable, how do I determine a good setting for our environment.


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