PE2600 and RedHat 7.2 (or 7.1, or RHAS 2.1)

Pierre Wendling pwendling at
Mon Dec 2 05:41:00 CST 2002


I'm about to buy 3 PE2600. On Dell website, one can only select RH7.3 or 
8.0. Unfortunately, due to applications qualification, I'll have to run 
  RedHat 7.2 (maybe even 7.1, or RedHat Advanced Server 2.1, still to be 
qualified with software vendors). I'll be able to update the kernel 
after install though (and patch it with up-to-date PERC and NIC drivers).

Is anybody doing that already ? Any particular issue with some hardware 
at install time or after ?

Sorry if this is a FAQ, I've looked and couldn't find any info


Pierre Wendling, DMI/SC, Sopra Group, Annecy, France

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