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Jared Saul jared at petfinder.org
Sat Aug 31 15:17:00 CDT 2002


We're currently in the process of configuring 16 new dell poweredge servers
running Redhat 7.2 and have encountered several problems.  
First we could not get the network to configure. Upon calling Dell and
being transfered to Redhat we found out that the kernel the servers were
shipped with is not compatable with our nics.
Redhat had us update the kernel and the networking started to work.
However we now have an issue with a service (we believe has to do with the
Remote Access Management).
On boot we get an error that
load failed.

We re-installed the Remote Access Management software but it has not solved
the problem.

How do we get this service back up?


Jared Saul

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