Weird OMSA error

Travis B. Hartwell nafai at
Fri Aug 30 22:33:01 CDT 2002

I got an error from my Dell Poweredge 1650 that the temperature was
above the warning threshold (50 degrees and 51 degrees in a period of
a couple of hours that I was away).  I logged onto my OMSA
administrative web interface to check the temperatures.  Everything
seemed to be fine with the temperatures (I'm pretty sure I checked
them via the web interface) and then I checked the fans to see if they
were all working.  When I clicked back to look at my alert actions on
the temperature probes, this comes up:

No temperature probe found. Index may be invalid

I'm confused!  What happened?  Any pointers on what to do?  I'm not
sure if something is happening to my machine because I'm getting these
temperature warnings and now this happens.  Any help would be

Wolf Bioscience

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