Fw: Debian Woody on a 2550

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Thu Aug 29 16:41:00 CDT 2002

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Sterling Crane wrote:

> Good day all,
> I am currently pricing out a PE2550 with Dell, I intend on running debian woody on it for a mail server.  I am going to order to mirror'd pairs of drives one 18GB pair and one 73GB pair in Raid 1 configuration. My question is first of all is there any things I should be aware of or any issues with Debian on this particular hardware? Secondly my sales rep said something about the onboard SCSI controller might not work, is this an attempt to upsell or is he correct. He mentioned it works with RedHat which puzzled me, I expect the driver is kernel level and should be distro independant. Also are the onboard nics a problem for woody? Is it as simple as a kernel patch or is it completely unworkable. I've seen the 2550-2560 netinstall iso of woody so I assume everything is fine but I want to be extremley sure before laying down the cash.

Hi Jayson,

Dell servers work really well with Debian.  However Dell do not sell or "officially support"
it as your OS - you can see why as a vendor they've need to go down the RedHat path..

That said the Dell engineers, Linux community and this list have been pretty supportive :-)

The sales rep might be referring to the onboard aacraid.  He might be cautious in not knowing
whether there is aacraid support in default debian 2.4.X kernels - i think there is, but perhaps
you might need to download the latest aacraid kernel driver and drop that into your kernel

The 2550 itself is a little bit of a strange beast.  It's a nice machine but it is a curious
blend of the old and new.  It has the 2450 chassis and associated bits, but it has a new
motherboard which has gigE (broadcom) on board as well as the 10/100.   The broadcom doesn't
have the best reputation based on reports here, but it seems to work (for smaller values
of "work" than say the e1000..)

Given a choice i think i would try and opt for the 2650 instead as that is the new generation
of equipment, will have a longer warranty and as further P4 optmizations become available is
likely to only get faster.  Of course that might not be in your budget. (i recently bought
a 2550 for that reason...)



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