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I think I know what the problem is.  Try changing the following line in the
/etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file

#group          context sec.model sec.level prefix read   write  notif
access  notConfigGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  all    none   none

#group          context sec.model sec.level prefix read   write  notif
access  notConfigGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  all    all   none

Then restart the snmpd, and dellomsa services.

This gives the "all" view that is created by Administrator in your
snmpd.conf file, write access.  As you can see from the commented line, the
7th field controls write access and by default the rpms that install
Administrator do not enable write access for security reasons.

Read ya,

Joshua Giles
Linux Operating System Development

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I tried that, I still get "Unable to login to the specified system",  Is 
there any Linux specific documentation for Openmanage?  I can log into IT 
Assistant no problem, but when I try to access anything on the client Linux 
2650, I get the above listed error.  I can see anything that is read-only 
access, fan speeds, temperatures, etc, but if I try to change the 
thresholds for example, I get a dialog box prompting for a username and 
password and then the error.

The client server is running Redhat 7.3, kernel 2.4.18-10smp, all available 
patches as of yesterday and the latest version of Server Administrator 
available from Dell.  I did find a reference to this error, that it could 
be caused if SNMP isn't configured for read-write access, but unfortunately 
I am not all that familiar with SNMP to know whether or not this is the 
case, I was relying on Dell's install to take care of this for me... :)


At 09:38 AM 8/29/2002 -0500, Joshua_Giles at wrote:
>ITA's defaults are:
>Joshua Giles
>Linux Operating System Development
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>Subject: Openmanage/IT Assistant and Linux
>I installed the latest version of Server Administrator on my PE2650 and I
>installed IT Assistant on my Dell Workstation.  When I try to access the
>2650 in anything that requires a read/write mode, I get a dialog box that
>pops up to login.  When I type in root and any password, unless this is one
>I do not know, I have tried my root password, the default Dell root
>password for the ERA card, I even tried logging into server administrator
>and setting the SNMP root password, I get an error that the IT Assistant
>cannot log into the server.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Did I
>miss something in the setup or is this extended functionality not supported
>by Linux?  I have been playing with Dell servers and Linux for quite a
>while, but this is my first attempt at OpenManage in any way shape or
>form.  Thanks for any help.
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