afacli says Number of PRIMARY defects on drive: 5903

Arne Kepp ak at
Thu Aug 29 09:02:00 CDT 2002

Talked to Dell in Norway today, they're takling about replacing the RAID 
controller (which means the entire machine I suppose) if I do a disk 
scan with one of the support-guys' favorite disk checker without getting 
any errors (it'll take forever, but if that is the shortest path to 
trying a new controller then so be it : ) The Dell Diagnostics I ran 
late last night gave me the following error, which the support guy I 
talked to was unable to interpret.

Test Errors
SCSI 2-005 Disk - Read Test                                : Fail
  Status: Fail  Status Code: DOS DDG-D SCSI 050 071
  Device: SCSI_2_005_Disk  Test: Read_Test
  Release: 1068 Module(s): Scsi
  Msg: Block 20992: : Unexpected bus free

This only happened once, all other drives checked out okay and the 
second time I ran it I didn't get any errors on drive 5 either... it's 
an elusive thing. Just thought I'd run it by you in case you've seen it 
before or it is of any interest.

Matt_Domsch at wrote:

>>scsi : aborting command due to timeout : pid 778229, scsi 3, 
>>channel 0,
>>id 0, lun 0, write (10) 00 00 03 7a 85 00 00 10 00
>>SCSI host 3 abort (pid 778229 timed out - resetting
>>SCSI bus is being reset for host 3 channel 0
>>Kernel panic : scsi_free : Bad offset
>>In interrupt handler - not syncing
>The timeout shouldn't happen, so that's wierd.  Any idea what you were doing
>at the time?  Hopefully not a container rebuild?

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