RAID Config question

jason andrade jason at
Thu Aug 29 08:15:00 CDT 2002

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Brian Gibson wrote:

> I am sorry I do not have an answer for you but..... you had mentioned a
> book in your email message. Is this a book on RAID config or is it just
> a Dell manual that came with the card? I would be interested in a good
> book on RAID if anyone knew of one. I pretty much have a handle on the
> basics but would like to know more about the penalties and benefits of
> each type of RAID.

there are a few good books on storage - the most recent one i have been
perusing is Building Storage Networks (2nd Ed) by marc farley and published
by osborne (not the family :-).

it can be a bit dry in places but it has a reasonable section on raid
levels and configurations and issues as well as the associated stuff
which as an admin is useful - what we actually deploy these raid configs
for, which is increasing some sort of network accessible storage.

i'd also love to hear of other recommendations for storage/NFS etc books.



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