Best way to upgrade PE from RH 6.2 to 7.3?

jason andrade jason at
Thu Aug 29 00:18:01 CDT 2002

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Steve Cousins wrote:

> I have a PE 2400 with the PERC 2/si RAID controller activated running Dell installed Redhat 6.2. I'd like to upgrade to 7.3. What is the way that is the recommended way to accomplish this?

my advice is to first backup the entire machine so you can restore it all if
you need to.  even better, if you have a different set of scsi disks you can
install 7.3 onto..

> I have the 7.3 CD's created from ISO's from Redhat but as this is a production server I want to make sure that I do it the way that is known to work by Dell, in hopes of limiting downtime and headaches. Are there ISO's that I should download from
> Dell for this?

i can't speak for dell, but i dont think they make the isos available for download,
only purchase.

in terms of the actual installation, unless you have no choice i heavily
recommend you do a fresh install, patch the server and then install
the applications and data you need.

redhat's upgrade process is very nice, but for production servers i prefer a
clean install as this tends to eliminate a lot of (possible) problems.



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