Embarrassingly naive question regarding hardware RAID

jason andrade jason at dstc.edu.au
Wed Aug 28 23:39:01 CDT 2002

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Emily Eileen Witcher wrote:

> I am used to using software RAID, and we have PowerEdge 1550 servers with
> PERC 3/DCL that we have not yet set up. They came preintstalled with Linux
> 7.2 but we have reinstalled Linux since then. My naive question is, are the
> partitions supposed look like /dev/md# with the hardware RAID setup? Right
> now they just look like /dev/sd#

/dev/md# is when you use software raid under linux.

/dev/sdX is when you use plain scsi OR hardware raid.  the operating system
sees a hardware raid volume as an ordinary scsi disk.  it doesn't know or
need to know whether it is actually a RAID0/1/5/whatever configured device.



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