NFS + NIS from solaris to redhat linux (poweredge 2650)

Craig I. Hagan hagan at
Wed Aug 28 16:26:01 CDT 2002

> Hi, 
>  Any help/advice/guidance on how i can migrate all services and data to
> our new file server running nfs & nis on poweredge 2650 with redhat linux
> 7.3? I'm not sure where to begin and what to do next... The server is
> ready with nfs + nis...
>  The old file server is running solaris 7 (both master & slave nis)..
> Thanks in advanced....

have you identified all of the services running on the system (it sounds like
you have)? You will then need to identify a method to verify that each service
is behaving as expected and run it against the sun.

Given that, try using "rsync" to copy the data over from the sun to the linux
box. Then, verify that all of the services work as expected. Choose a point in
time and obtain a service outage window (i assume that this sis a production
system). Then do a turn off service on both machines. do a final rsync from the
sun to the linux box. start the services up on the linux box and confirm that
they are operational. Next bring up a few clients and see how the system

I admit that i'm speaking very much in the "abstract" however, without a clear 
list of services beyond nis/nfs, it is hard to quantify how to migrate them.

-- craig

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