Tape device unrecognized on PE1650 external SCSI

Matt_Domsch@Dell.com Matt_Domsch at Dell.com
Wed Aug 28 12:28:00 CDT 2002

>     I have a fresh out of the box PowerEdge 1650 with the PERC 3/Di 
> controller, which came with a factory-installed RH 7.3 build on it. I 
> have attached to the external SCSI interface an HP Ultrium 215 tape 
> array module. 

The issue here is that the aacraid driver doesn't (presently) support
non-disk devices such as tape drives attached to the controller.  That
requires "pass-through" support which Adaptec is developing, but hasn't yet
released.  In general, as Tesfamariam suggested, it's best to put non-disk
devices such as tape drives on a controller that isn't a RAID controller -
Dell sells Adaptec 39160 add-in PCI cards for exactly this purpose.  IMHO,
RAID controllers should do RAID, not be general-purpose SCSI adapters as
well.  I understand the cost savings aspect of wanting to do both on one,
but I'd hate for a screwy tape drive to jam up my RAID controller and take
down my OS - on a separate controller it can't do that.


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