Poweredge 2550's and RH 7.3

phil.allred phil.allred at brooklaw.edu
Mon Aug 26 07:47:00 CDT 2002

We bought four poweredge 2550's all at the same time this past spring.
Two are two-cpu, on-board raid boxes and two are one-cpu non-raid boxes.
All Run RedHat 7.3.  The ones with 2 cpus and RAID reboot erratically
and at different frequencies.  One reboots every 5-20 minutes or so.
The other once a week or so.  There is never a kernel dump message or
anything in the log to tip us off on why.

We have tried updating the drivers for the PERC controller to the latest
(3.17) on the one that reboots every 5-20 mins, but it didn't help.  We
have tried the 7.0 disks that shipped with the boxes as well, but with
no better success.  Even during a re-install of 7.3 it rebooted.  Any
thoughts or suggestions?

We buy lots of dell desktops and have had good luck so far.  This is
really our first foray into running Linux on Dell boxes on the back end.
The single cpu non raid boxes are fine.  Help!

Phil Allred
Brooklyn Law School

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