PowerEdge 2550 / Qlogic / PV660F Troubles

Labonte, Brandon BRANDON.LABONTE at ttu.edu
Sat Aug 24 20:50:00 CDT 2002

Hello all,
I have two Dell 2550 directly connected to a PV 660F.  They worked fine
before we decided to re-do the oracle server that ran on them.  Now, I
cannot get Linux to recognize them any longer.  I get the following message
when I load the qla2x00 module:
scsi(2): LIP reset occurred
scsi(2): Waiting for LIP to complete...
scsi(2): LIP occurred.
scsi(2): LOOP UP detected
scsi2: Topology - (Loop), Host Loop address  0x7d
scsi2 : QLogic QLA2200 PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter: bus 0 device 4 irq
        Firmware version:  2.01.34, Driver version 4.31.7b
  Vendor: DELL      Model: PV660F   PSEUDO   Rev: 5776
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
scsi(2:0:0:0): Enabled tagged queuing, queue depth 16.
Attached scsi disk sdd at scsi2, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
sdd : READ CAPACITY failed.
sdd : status = 1, message = 00, host = 0, driver = 28
Current sd00:00: sense key Illegal Request
Additional sense indicates Logical unit not supported
sdd : block size assumed to be 512 bytes, disk size 1GB.
 sdd: I/O error: dev 08:30, sector 0
 unable to read partition table
I can see the drives via Windows, and was able to create basic disks with
Raw partitions.  Following some notes in these mailing lists I also used the
storage consolidation software to force all the disks offline (according to
the software) so that they weren't owned by the windows box.  I'm using
RedHat Advanced Server 2.1.  
Any assistance that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.  
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