super user clone & x-server disabling Michael_E_Brown at
Fri Aug 23 13:09:00 CDT 2002

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> From: Tarun Bhatia [mailto:tarunb at]
> Hi,
> I have heard that you can create a user and grant it super user
> privilages. I want to create such a user on my PE 1650 ( Redhat 7.2).
> Does anyone know how I can do from linux CLI?


Are you sure you want to do this? It is probably not a very wise idea. I
would recommend that you read up on "sudo".

> Also, I do not want X server to be ON , which is turned on after I
> am done installing the RedHat 7.2 using dell software assistant CD.
> I do not want graphical login to show up ( I think it's part of same X
> server issue).

Edit your /etc/inittab, in the line that has "id:5:initdefault:" change the
"5" to "3".
Michael Brown 

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