uh oh. Won't boot.

Brian K. Jones jonesy at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Aug 22 12:23:00 CDT 2002

As it turns out, I mistakenly bent 3 of the pins in the power slot on
the motherboard.  I swear I followed the instructions and all, and tried
to make sure everything was straight when I put it back on
(slowly...gently...) but maybe they bent on the way *off* or something,
who knows.

Anyway, I got it to work again once I discovered the problem.  One thing
to note is that if you try to power up without the riser in place at
all, you'll get absolutely no noise (power) whatsoever in any part of
the box.  Interesting.

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 13:11, Seth Mos wrote:
> At 12:24 22-8-2002 -0400, Brian K. Jones wrote:
> >I've really done it this time.
> >
> >So I swapped them out, and now THE THING WON'T EVEN BOOT.  The power
> >light on the power button on the front panel doesn't light up, the LCD
> >lights up but displays nothing, the disks light up, and the fans turn
> >on, but nothing is ever sent to the monitor.  Is this something dumb
> >like I put the cover on wrong so it won't boot until it's on right? I've
> >seen that happen with Sun's, but never with Dells.
> The riser card is one of the easiest fixable parts so that's easy.
> Note that your 2650 might have a pci slot of a different voltage then the 
> card runs on and that might cause the board to stop.
> It has to do with the 5Volt or 3.3Volt spec of either the card or the slot 
> or a combination of those.
> If reseating the riser does not help, you might try changing slots.
> Good luck.
> Cheers
> --
> Seth
> It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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