uh oh. Won't boot.

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The 2650 has a very sensitive "Riser Card".  If not seated correctly all the
way, the server will can cause a No Post / No Video situation.  Try pulling
back out the riser, pushing it back in and then with the blue plastic clip,
make sure it's down all the way and the riser is making a good connection
with the slot on the motherboard.

*Note:  The server will NOT post or get power if the Riser card is not in
the server or not seated correctly.

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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Subject: uh oh.  Won't boot.

I've really done it this time.

I don't know if I did something really stupid that's easily fixed, or
something really stupid that is gonna require a new part or what, but
I've never had this happen before.

I have a 2650 with an Adaptec aha-39160 pci scsi adapter.  I wanted to
take this out and put in an Intel 1000XT NIC in the same slot (we don't
use the pci scsi adapter, and the broadcomm nic that came with these
machines is NOT good).  

So I swapped them out, and now THE THING WON'T EVEN BOOT.  The power
light on the power button on the front panel doesn't light up, the LCD
lights up but displays nothing, the disks light up, and the fans turn
on, but nothing is ever sent to the monitor.  Is this something dumb
like I put the cover on wrong so it won't boot until it's on right? I've
seen that happen with Sun's, but never with Dells.  

Thanks and lemme know if you need any other info.  BTW - I tried two
different monitors, just in case :-)

Brian K. Jones
System Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University
jonesy at cs.princeton.edu
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